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Student Academic Resources


Students’ professors are always the best resource for additional academic support. Each professor is available at least five hours every week to make sure that students have the support that they need. Check your course syllabus for a list of your professors’ office hours and always try to use your professors first for additional assistance.

Academic Support Center 

The Academic Support Center consists of academic tutoring, the writing center, and computer access. These centers are available on each campus to help you succeed in your academic studies.

Call 865-539-7079 for more information.


TRiO provides educational opportunities for students who are low-income, first generation, and/or disabled by assisting students in:

  • Peer tutoring
  • Academic planning
  • Financial aid information
  • Education in financial literacy
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Career counseling
  • Cultural events

Library/Educational Resource Center (ERC)

Each campus has an ERC. On the Hardin Valley Campus, the ERC building houses the Library as well as the Testing and Learning Center, TRiO, Open Computer Labs, and faculty offices.

The Library offers reference services and resources as well as books, magazines, journals, newspapers, online databases and study rooms.


The Bookstore sells both new and used textbooks. Don’t unwrap shrink-wrapped materials or mark in your books until you are sure that you have the right books and will not be changing your schedule. Be sure to hold on to your receipt in case you need to return a book.


Academic advisement is a communication and information sharing process during which students make planned decisions about their educational goals. During the first two semesters of enrollment, degree-seeking students must meet with an advisor who will work closely with them in planning their program and course sequence. Students needing academic assistance are encouraged to seek help before their problems become critical.

Students are expected to be responsible for knowing the requirements for graduation, providing appropriate test scores and/or transcripts, verifying their major is correct, locating their assigned advisor and being aware of the college calendar regarding deadlines for enrollment, withdrawal, confirmation and fee payment.

Call 865-694-6400 to determine if you are ready to be advised and have a complete file.