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Student Responsibilities

Pellissippi State Community College students have certain responsibilities to uphold as part of their membership in the academic community. These include the following:

  • Students are responsible for their own academic success. This includes maintaining academic integrity and taking advantage of academic support services provided by the College. 
  • Students are responsible for conducting themselves in an appropriate manner while in the classroom, on campus, and in their communication with other members of the college community. This includes being respectful of others and refraining from disciplinary offenses as outlined by Pellissippi State Policy 04:02:00 Student Code of Conduct and Due Process. 
  • Students are responsible for following College policies relevant to them. 
  • Students are responsible for meeting deadlines. This includes meeting deadlines in the classroom and meeting deadlines published by the College. 
  • Students are responsible for reading all communications sent to them by the College. This includes all forms of electronic and written communication. 

If students believe their rights have been violated, they may contact the Dean of Students for reporting options.

Travis Loveday
Dean of Students
Goins Administration Building, Room 113