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Online Orientation Quiz

Take the quiz below and click submit once done. You will then be directed on how to receive credit for completing the Online Orientation.

1. Your Pellissippi State email account is provided as a convenience and you only need to check your email once in a while.


2. The syllabus is like a contract between you and the professor that lets you know what is expected from you and what you can expect from the professor.


3. For every hour you spend in class, plan to allow an hour for outside studying and homework. Online classes require about the same amount of time.


4. Cell phones, laptops and other electronics may be used in all classes.


5. If you are eligible for accommodations for a physical or learning disability, someone will contact you.


6. All students must meet with an advisor their first two semesters before being permitted to register for classes.


7. You MUST confirm your attendance in order to keep your schedule.


8. Tutoring services are free for new students only during their first semester.


9. Only the main campus has a library.


10. You may still receive your financial aid, even if you miss classes.